High Perfomance Power Electric Scooter DENZEL SMARGO


Unique induction electric motor Denzel DA-90 It is a non-magnetic, brushless motor with exstended service life (depends on only motor bearing quality).
Advantages of using an induction motor The first and biggest advantage of this type of motor is its free rotation at idle, it does not have magnetic rotation resistance - and the bike has a rolling like a simple bicycle - which allows you to significantly increase the distance of the trip on one charge (up to 25%) The second advantage is its service life, about 20 years. Third, the absence of magnets also made it possible for the motor to work for a long time under heavy loads without fear of overheating. In standard motor with magnet max temperature 120 degree C, but asynchronous motor 180 degree! Fourth - Smooth adjustment of high efficient regen. Now it is not necessary to raise the question of whether it is better to have regen, or to have a good coasting - on this bike, this problem is solved - THERE IS A GOOD COASTING AND HIGH REGEN! Fifth - maintaining torque at any speed. Preservation of coercive force during the entire service life, regardless of operation. Sixth - RELIABILITY - practically not vulnerable to physical impacts, they are not afraid of ferromagnetic dust, they are not afraid of exposure to moisture.
Controller DECO-165 for induction electric motor Modern controller with all types of protection (overvoltage, overheating, short circuit, etc.) with extensive customization capabilities by computer
The software has a intuitive interface, with a full list of parameters available for adjustment:
Main advantages and function of the DECO controller - The bike has two driving modes: Normal and Sport. With the help of controllers you can adjust separately for each mode: Power, Speed and bike behavior from the throttle handle. - This bike has an anti-slope feature. - The controller supports driving direction function. The direction of movement is switched using the button on the "handle bar". This function is very useful when you need to ride back and it is difficult to do - for example - if you need to push back up the hill, turn on the “reverse gear” and calmly ride back to the distance you need. The “reverse” behavior - the reaction to the throttle, the reverse speed - is also controlled by the controller using software. - Two kind of regen: Brake_SW and Throttle cancel, every regen can be turn on or turn of seperatly. BATTERY
The bike has a quick-removable battery with a Bluetooth adapter. Using special software, you can monitor the status of the every battery cells, control battery parameters, and use smartphone apps to completely turn off turn on the battery. Also you can see on-line discharge / charge current When you ride your bike you can see speed, battery voltage, trip, current. Maximum battery capacity: 72V 52Ah
On-board waterproof charger
 In scooter we put special waterproof (IP68) on-board charger. Now you no need to carry a where is your charger, you only need a cable to connect to your home grid network.
Extra charger with regular charge current (option)
In this bike - the battery is removable. You can take out it and charge it at home or in your office. For this case we supply special charger with regular charger current from 2A to 10A. More small charge current - more long battery life, if you have time - you can use this charger with only 2A-3A charge current - and you battery will service to you long long time.
Maximum speed: 85 km / h (can be limited) Range: 150 km For two passangers Motor Type: Induction (asynchronous) Motor model: DA90-4.1 Motor rated power: 3000 W Controller: DECO-165 Battery type: lithium, quick-removable, with bluetooth adapter Battery Capacity: 3.74 kWh Charger: Waterproof (ip68), Onboard, 72V 10A Color display. Front sprocket: 11T 428 (steel) Rear sprocket: 60T 428 (aluminum) LED headlight, LED turn signals, LED rear light EBS system - electronic braking system with regeneration function (two kind of EBS: Brake-SW and Throttle cancel) SPORTS and ECO mode - with the ability to customize each mode separately. Anti slope function Directional Switch: Forward, Reverce Front and rear wheel: 110 / 90-13 Bike weight with battery: 85 kg
3000 USD - 1 pc (for 10 pcs we have big discount) the price including delivery price by ship to your nearest see port